Can You Drive a Motorbike On a Car License?

Due to myself being a motorcycle enthusiast I get alot of questions where people ask me “do I need a motorbike license to drive a motorbike”? The short answer is….yes unfortunately you have to.

Depending on where you live there is obviously going to be different licensing and driving restrictions, in Australia for example you cannot drive a motorbike on a car license. If you pass your  driving test you will be awarded with a car license which will can only be used when driving a car.

If you pass your motorcycle driving exam you will be awarded with a motorcycle license which can only be used to drive a motorcycle. If you intend on driving a motorcycle with a car license there are many severe penalties that may arise. Some of these penalties include; loss of license, expensive fines and possibly never being able to drive your car or motorcycle again.


In the United States the laws for motorcycle driving are very different, the DMV states that people who have a car license may drive a motorbike if that motorcycle isn’t over 125cc speed. The minimum amount of cc’s your motorcycle must be is 50cc’s. Here are more requirements that you must follow in order to drive your motorcycle on your car license in the US:

  • You must be of the appropriate driving age
  • In most states wearing a motorcycle helmet is necessary
  • Headlights must be on at all times in the night
  • Riding between 2 or more lanes are prohibited in most states
  • I recommend to buy an expensive sturdy lock for your bike

The same rules apply to trucks, buses and heavy equipment that require a license to operate. These vehicles have their own class number and you must pass the driving test for each vehicle to obtain a license to drive them. You cannot use a license from one vehicle class to drive another vehicle class, it doesn’t work and penalties can be imposed.

I myself have both a car and motorcycle license, there are certain places in the US and Australia that allow you to undertake a motorcycle and car test at the same time, as a result you end up doing two driving tests on the same day and getting two licenses.

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